Commercial glass repair Coquitlam – In order to satisfy your commercial and business glass needs you should look no further. Local Glass Works will give you the best services that will meet your requirements. Our commercial glass services are of high quality and professional, and we pride ourselves in providing a wide variety of services for local businesses in Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, New Westminster and Port Moody. While we specialize in those areas, we also serve customers throughout the entire Vancouver Lower Mainland too.  Call us now for a quote or for a quick response for repairs or inquiries – 778-927-4527

Installation and repair of storefront glass windows – this is one of the services provided by Local Glass Works and we ensure not only an expert end result, but also energy efficient installations. The installation is done in such a way that replacement is made easier if it’s ever needed in the future using high quality materials. Our commercial glass technicians involved in the installation or repair will ensure that proper standards are met and the work area is safe at all times for employees and customers.  Our Coquitlam glass repair experts have the experience and drive to ensure you’re delighted with your new windows.

Installation of glass on new buildings is also among our top commercial services provided. It is important to ensure that your new building is fit with proper glass that not only looks fantastic, but is safe and secure for years to come. Not only should the installation locations be appropriate but also the fitting should be tight and waterproof.

Local Glass Works will also create and/or install custom showcases that meet your business’ needs. We have a variety depending on size, color, and shape. We will provide you with glass displays and fit them for you to ensure your customer space looks its best with your products and services.  Read our customer testimonials and see how we ensure customer satisfaction with all projects is a top priority.


We also provide other commercial glass installation and design services:

  • Glass barriers can also be set up for you in your establishment. This will be done according to your specifications and in such a way to make it difficult for anyone contemplating theft on your property and also to minimize damage to your property.


  • Glass shelving for business purposes can also be fitted with the expertise available at Local Glass Works. We can accommodate all types of shelving requirements and ensure the end result is exactly what you want to achieve.


  • Glass railings can be made in such a way to meet your modern taste and to ensure that your commercial space looks very beautiful and appealing. This kind of service requires a high level of experience that we are able to offer, to be able to meet the standards that are required.


  • Door repairs which include closer’s, pivots, handles, locks and other hardware – when you need that perfect finishing touch or an upgrade to your current design, we will take care of it for you and make it look amazing.



Whatever you require for your commercial glass needs, Local Glass Works can assist you in making it into reality at both high quality and an affordable price. Contact us today at 778-927-4527 – our quality is guaranteed and your satisfaction with our work. We look forward to assisting you!