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We’ve been helping local businesses in Greater Vancouver with storefront glass windows & doors – repairs & installations for many years now – Whether you need a repair after hours due to vandalism, or a refresh of your old storefront doors and windows, we are happy to help – call us now for a free quote at 778-927-4527.

Commercial buildings whether they are stores, office buildings, outlets, or hotels, consider investing a lot of money in the way they are perceived through their front door. No matter what intention one has upon entering a building, the doors and windows are the very first things they notice. Therefore, commercial windows and doors are the products of an industry developed around the need to deliver customized solutions for each commercial structure.

As you can never predict the time or circumstances of an emergency, at Local Glass Works we endeavor to ensure that our emergency glass replacement services are there whenever you need them most. Our 24 hour emergency service is ready to attend to all of your needs any time of the day or night. Our staff is trained to coordinate board-up and glass replacement services quickly and efficiently. You only get one chance to make a first impression. That is why we offer professional emergency glass solutions for your business whether it’s in a mall or down the street. We have a solid reputation in delivering our services with experience and are well equipped. Everyone in our company is licensed and insured to give our clients peace of mind.  Call us now for a free quote at 778-927-4527.

Doors and windows have three important components: the glass, the frames, and the mechanisms that drives them. There are a multitude of storefront window systems, commercial glass windows, and commercial windows and doors on the market including roll-fast doors, see-thru swing doors, flexible PVC strips, and so on. Decorative glass windows, steel doors, outdoor and indoor windows and doors, display windows systems – they all are part of an assortment of commercial windows and doors.

New Storefront Glass Installed

Typically, commercial doors and windows are designed to be used either on the outside of a building or on the inside of a building.

Naturally, these are two different categories and they each have their features depending on the business they serve and the budget and design restrictions of the owner or structure. Outdoor commercial windows and doors are generally more expensive but also more solid as they represent the way into or out of a building. Storefront window systems involve a complex solution of commercial glass windows as well as a protection system which can be activated upon need. Back doors are generally even more solid than typical entrance doors as they are less monitored and they are also a security concern if not installed correctly. Irrespective of the business, commercial windows and doors must meet the requirements and expectations of the client as far as design, utility, functionality, protection performance, quality, and price.  At Local Glass Works, we take your safety and the safety of your customers and clients as a top priority at all times.  Call us for a free estimate at any time at 778-927-4527.

On the other hand, the interiors of a business allow creativity to unleash and create wonderful spaces separated by great commercial glass windows and beautifully designed doors. Whether they are just flexible strips or actual doors, the interior doors and windows are part of a building’s interior décor. If the commercial windows and doors are chosen by the business owner, then in most cases, these objects are also integrated in the company culture, sending a message through the quality of the materials, the materials used, the spaces they confine, the utility and functionality, and through their protective qualities. The principle is as simple as the one that applies through storefront window systems which practically display the company’s message in the windows.  We have experience in design and implementation of commercial glass and can help design your ideal look and feel.

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With a full spectrum of commercial windows and doors available, it may be even difficult to actually choose storefront window systems or commercial glass windows. No matter what you decide, make sure that you take into account the following aspects: how resistant the functioning mechanism is, the materials that are used, the design and style of the doors and windows, how they fit into the whole interior décor, and, of course, price and personal preferences. However you have an option to help you out of your problem. Call us at 778-927-4527 to get a free consultation that will best suit your needs.

So, remember one of the most important facts – storefront installations are very important to give your business the ultimate boost if you are wanting to stand out amongst the crowd and look your best. It is very important that your store looks perfect and inviting so that your customers are delighted to visit your store or commercial space.

Whether it’s a simple repair of broken glass, or a new installation, Local Glass Works will get the job done on time and of a quality that you will be amazed with.  It all starts with a free quote, call us now at 778-927-4527.