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If you are looking for repair or installation of glass shower doors or enclosures, call us for a free estimate right now at 778-927-4527 we travel to all parts of the Lower Mainland.  Shower doors are a fantastic bathroom accent and glass adds class and elegance to any bathroom.

The beautifully patterned “bathroom glass shower doors” enhance the interiors of the bathroom and make it look more spacious. Also, nowaday’s glass shower doors have become a popular choice of interior decorators and homeowners in designing a bathroom. These types of doors or whole enclosures are available in variety of designs and configurations. Beautifully designed shower doors make the bathroom look more stylish and add tremendously to its utility value and also save water wastage.

We provide exceptional and professional glass shower door repair and installation services that best fit the needs of our clients. Our trained and trusted installers ensure quality workmanship and unsurpassed personal attention to our clients. Whether you are building a home, renovating an existing bathroom or installing a rental suite – or if you simply need repairs or renewals, Local Glass Works stand behind our outstanding reputation guaranteeing you peace of mind and ensuring the job gets done quickly and at a great price every time.  Call us for a free estimate right now at 778-927-4527.

We are a fully licensed company that delivers reputable services that you can rely on. Our services are available 24 hours and we are always punctual and attentive in our work. Our aim is to exceed the expectations of our clients. We offer free estimates for all jobs, big or small.

More about why you might consider using glass shower doors for your next project:

Glass shower doors are broadly categorized in various categories:

1. Frameless shower doors – Frameless shower doors are the new trend in home renovations and the interior design market. It’s actually a replacement for shower curtains; they have more life and last longer.  They’re seamless, customized to the space they occupy, tempered-glass enclosures available in single, inline, 90-Degree and Neo angle shower doors, crafted with superior structural integrity.

Glass shower doors are made with thinner and less expensive glass. When you install these, frameless shower doors look great. They are easy to clean as a solid sheet of glass has no framing to impede cleaning or accumulate ‘gunk’ and are also easy to maintain with simple vinegar and water in most cases. These shower doors are available in wide range of styles, designs, color, and thicknesses. More types of frameless shower doors commonly referred to:

  • Frameless bathtub screens
  • Frameless glass door for shower
  • Semi-Frameless sliding doors for bathtubs


2. Framed glass Shower Doors – These glass shower doors are “Framed”, and are an alternative to frameless glass enclosures.  As such they are cheaper Installing a new sliding glass doorthan the frameless glass shower door mentioned above. They are also available in single, inline, 90-degree, neo angle shower doors. Still easy to clean but have more areas for ‘gunk’ to collect so require more cleaning in those areas. More types of framed shower doors also known by these terms:

  • Framed Sliding Doors for bathtubs
  • Framed Sliding Doors for Showers
  • Framed Shower Swing Doors – also available in various sliding patterns and designs.


Parts of a Shower door – Shower door parts come in many finishes as well, to match most bathroom decor. With finishes from metallic looks such as stainless steel or satin chrome to powder-coat paints, any look can be accented by use of proper shower door parts.  Local Glass Works can help you coordinate your glass bathroom shower doors with the rest of your decor.

Available in various shapes with different designs, shower door hinges and glass clamps are the most variable shower door parts, but any shower door part you buy should be considered as much for aesthetic appeal as for function.

Not only are different finishes available for shower doors, in some cases different materials can present opportunities for original decoration where none existed. Shower pulls and towel bars made out of acrylic come with accent rings or without, in various shapes and can be almost invisible, in some cases. Using such accents can make a difference in your decorating plans.  Call us for a free estimate right now at 778-927-4527.

Here is a recent testimonial from a client whom we repaired a shower door in their rental suite:

A shower door needs be cleaned regularly in order to maintain maximum cleanliness and make it shine. This cleaning should be done using a squeegee to reduce the need for scrubbing and heavy cleaning and for harder water areas vinegar works very well and is cheap.

Choose Local Glass Works when you are in need of custom glass shower door installations, replacements, renovations and repairs. We offer professional installation, with quality products at reasonable costs – if you are looking for our sliding glass door services, click here. If your shower door glass is damaged, we may be able to restore it by using mechanical restoration techniques. If not, we can install replacement glass that retains the look of the entire shower door design.   Call us for a free estimate right now at 778-927-4527.